Friday, May 20, 2011

Tattooist back up

Got the Tattooist up and running. Blacksmith, branding works, locking still needs love. Comes back to my old enemy the multi-slots. On the other hand it should be a lot easier now that slots are parsed in in an array. Look in this slot... its full, look in this slot... its full, look in this slot... its empty, not for long. Arrays make it a lot easier to do compares with little code.

I want to thank Flashnovice for new images to be used for the extended girl slots.

Items keep on haunting my dreams.



  1. Since you will be using a bra slot, will there be chastity bras? By the way, how are the plans for the non basic chastity belts?

  2. This game has evolved so much. I want to thank Docclox, Flashnovice, zero_profile and everyone else for helping Daisy so much. You guys rule.