Thursday, November 29, 2012

SVN Broken for the next few days

So I ripped out the effect stuff again to turn it into two separate commands eveeffectchange and eveeffectcheck.  Basically 2 different thought trees, like the rest of the system and making it more in line.  I'll write up a guide once it works.  The main thing to take away is that most stuff is now broken.  Oh and girls get pregnant every turn but its false pregnancy.


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  1. Ok. Normally I'm pretty good technecly and have never really had any problems figuaring things out(even editing .dll's to change some things on explorer because I was bored) but I've never really 'got' SVN, I know its like sorceforage and is a revisioning software. I guess my main question is, will the game auto-update or do I need to download a program and tell it where to fetch the updates? Also I would just look at the tutorial but its been removed(as well as the "Otherworld Images" link) if I don't get a reply I suppose I will email but I figuared this was easier...

    Also I guess I should ass if the game is more or less "complete", like the base is there and you are adding onto it, because I remember there bieng a beta download so months ago but it said it was a beta, where this dosn't