Friday, November 16, 2012

UI done working on events

So got the UI showing for all screens now working on actually events to go with it.  Dirt will be added automatically rather then a manual event because its a pain in the rear to do the other way.  Still working on that then throwing events for defense and security hopefully tonight.  Most likely won't be any thing done after that do to work for the week.



  1. still cant use the cruddy svn thingy tutorial link is dead

  2. Since Daisy isn't doing it, I'll do it instead.
    Here's how you use SVN:

    First of all download some sort of SVN client, I use TortoiseSVN ( ), after installing it, create a new folder, right click on it and choose "SVN Checkout", there will be a white box where you can type the "URL of repository", put this in it:
    svn co otherworldgame

    Let it update (should be around 3 gbs), after that you're good to go, browse the folder until you find the otherworld.exe (you may have to move a couple of files around, I know I had to).

    Post this as a reply to people who keep asking, or just link them here, getting a little tired of people complaining over something so simple.

  3. okay huge question, I got it downloaded to a folder, and it's playable using i.e firefox or w.e neways my question is all the events are missing, what do I have to do to get the events that are done to work?