Monday, November 26, 2012

effects counters and exhaustion

Effects now have counters as a native to the new xml event system.  That almost work.   This gives some basic support and allow for wearing off.  I am still working on it but the stuff I said about a new girl variable called girlPregnant ignore it, it no longer exists.  This will allow for not only pregnancy but also stuff like lactation.  It's been  a huge pain and the event system grows even bigger.  I should probably go ahead and now split effect events into 2 like every thing else change and check and I may still need to the current version is getting really long hand.



  1. Hi man, where you created new full bild of game?

  2. Hi Daisy,
    thanks for all the work dude, great game.

    Regarding worksafe mode - it cuaght me out pretty badly recently, and I see it's mentioned in Trello too. Would it be possible to overlay/replace the paper dolls with a graphic when ws mode is one? The text in the stats displays helped me out, eventually, but they're easy to overlook, and not much help at the auction block.

    And related to that, any chance of a second save game slot? It would give us scope to play with any odd behaviour, try to give you more info on any bugs without sacrificing progress.



  3. ok i really want to know how can i get a hold of the laest update to the game no one has answered that for me

  4. @dragonF you can get it by using the SVN check out link for how check the tutorial for tortoise both are linked on the side

    1. The tutorial link's dead; been dead for awhile. As well, a lot of would be players/donations are being turned away, essentially, as a good number of people have neither the time/patience/computer skill needed to piece together everything from SVN. It's rather a hell of a lot. I understand that, with the scope of the game and it's constant building that SVN is useful for bugcheckers & coders but perhaps a monthly full build available either from an online downloading site or a torrent would be helpful both at seeing a beta version's actions "in the wild" as well as end the confusion and aggravation many average players get with dealing with SVN.