Saturday, November 3, 2012

Posts where?

Internet hell has left me with a bit of trouble blogging.  My building was supposed to go fiber but that got delayed for a few minutes and they cut my cable so stuck with this crappy new cable from dish.  Add that to a day completely down, a day the modem just got "unplugged" and a day my computer decided to lock up... Nothing has happened so there are no posts.  But I am enjoying both Mugen Souls and Torchlight II.  Vacation in 2 days.



  1. OK is their a please that i can get the most up to date vision of this game liked it so far but i cant tell if it is up to date.

  2. @Annabeth K

    I've been using the one off this blog, the link is on the left side, I believe it's the most up to date one.

  3. Also, glad to hear from you Daisy.

  4. Shit happen, have fun in favaction.

  5. Best to just wait for a newer version to be released as the only other way to get a newer version atm would be to download from the svn and compile it correctly by yourself. Also TL2 is a fun game!