Friday, March 29, 2013

Fixing Bugs before they happen

Nylva made a lot of interesting mods to the game adding a bunch of new jobs, rooms, classes, and building.  The update is on the SVN and it got me a little worried that the game is going to be out of room for houses and rooms soon.  Rooms are maxed as of this update.  So trying to fix that.  

Also added borders to the room screen around the rooms.  I think it looks better but any feed back would be appreciated.  Onsen should really not be an option for the small house... one disaster at a time.



  1. Props to the new rooms, cool and everything. But the main thing I have been waiting for forever is Lactating to be fixed. You use the item, and it says she is lactating with the icon... Yet whenever you succeed the job it always say's "because she is not lactating" I also Kinda wanna see Food actually give help when your slave succeeds cooking, like it said it would

    1. I'll second this. It's kinda my primary motivation for playing...

  2. food give health when cooking**** sorry

  3. i think the borders around the rooms gives it a more finished look, good job