Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Debugging

Why break this weeks theme?

So more bug fixes instrument jobs now work... and even more impressive

evechange label = "#playinginstrument" vvar = "#rand3" 

now works.  For some reason many parts of the game don't recognize changes by reference rather then direct this include checks.  It now for at least girl changes.  And the event system gets even more unweildly.  I want to rewrite it a bit and clean it up should only take me about 2 months or so... skipping for now.

Going to see if I can make it check for rands since that is what is breaking milking at the moment.


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  1. if i'm gunna die then i might as well going to do this (grabbs daisies nose and slaps it away with my other hand) yuk yuk... (runs away real fast) MOMMY!!!! O.o!!!!