Saturday, October 9, 2010

Debugging and other stuff

Okay first off the previous hot fix had a nice new loader, that was supposed to make game loading faster and easiser on systems by loading each file one at a time in a linear fashion. It was freakin slow and actually seemed to lag my test system more. GONE! (would take my labtop over 5 minutes to start)

New hotfix, once again this hotfix is just to pound save and loading please

Basically just another night of debugging. Got most of the easy fix stuff fixed now the indepth stuff is up. So expect shorter lists, but as is my policy I will keep pounding at them until I am happy its debugged the more bugs killed now the less next month.


playing with the new loader and just about threw it away.
bug - Above the previous jobs, the label only says 'Previous'. dunno if intentional. - fixed
bug - Lamia's scroll-over text in the guild lounge is the same as the angel's. - unable to replicate but i bet it was a large label so the label size is forced - fixed
bug - I suppose it would e a pain to implement, but in the lounge, if you click on your assistant's icon, it shows her stats screen. The only way to exit that is to click the home button. Dunno if that's a big enough issue to want to change, but... maybe make it a 'close' or 'back' button that returns you to where you came from.- not desired behavior and will not happen anymore - fixed
suggestion - not a bug, a request: if it's not too much trouble, can you put the items in the text section for review too? - done
bug - The girls name disappears from the blacksmith screen after a while. Day 10, 7 Girls. Girls on CWWZ except the one being assistant trained, where the assistant's priority is "money". - should be fixed already hard indexed - fixed
bug - If you enter the pens from the guild, the button to return says home, but you go to the guild when you click on it. works fine if you enter from your house.- it now says guild or house depending on where you came from - fixed
bug - Giving the fairy her needle, the text was there, but the text-box wasn't. - fixed
bug - Quest screen: click current quests, nothing. click completed quests: Rare Coin and Sugar's Needle show: like they should. click current quests: Sugar's Needle shows. if you exit and reenter: as it should be. do the above: same problem.


  1. With this second hotfix I can't even load or start up a game in swiff player and google chrome. Wonder if anyone else has this issue.

  2. Im having the same problem as dave, it stop loading at a random slave and gives the options new game, and options but I cant click on them, thus I cant play :|. I liked the other loader it took me about 10-20 sec to load up on my old computer.