Thursday, October 14, 2010

Internal Defense, External Security

Orihime now in a school uniform... not that original stolen from the original SM build.

I wanted to talk a little about the Internal Defense and External Security.

Internal Defense is basically the stat that controls a girls chance to escape from the house. This should drop to 0 when there is no one watching the hallway... should but doesn't at the moment. House type and furiture will modify it someday.

External Security is the defense of the room from things creaping in from the green, thieves or other unsavory folk. This one is not as dependent on having someone guard the hallway. A wall is always a wall. But some of the assistants should give bonuses, as well as furniture and house type. But this is all theoretical.


Bug Finding

If anyone gets the can't sell off slaves bugs can they do me a favor and immediatly go to the pens and screen shot the pens. I have a theory that the issue is the array not updating sold slaves but I can not replicate it. The pens screen shot will tell me where the hole in the array is. Thanks in advance.


bug - Some of the carpenter's pictures in the sex scene display underneath the room buttons. - this page is indexed lower not sure but calling - fixed
bug - estimate value issue - will play with these this month when giving character love - ignoring for now
reported - still having problems scrolling through slaves at the auction house. I have two slaves here, based on Lala and Yoko, and the only Yoko displays, click as I might upon the arrows. - unable to replicate again not sure what is going on here
bug - The first time you work at the guild house, the message is "Unknown person in charge of guild" - added text that it is filler
bug - Room Jobs - Current Jobs - Room Name Label - Furiture are all below the background - fixed
bug - I am noticing that if you put a slave in the 3rd Master Bedroom, the minipic is positioned about half a square to the right. - another bug I have seen before but can't replicate enough to figure out what is going on - unable to find
bug - Not sure if it's expected behavior or not, but buying and selling items at the store changes the color of gp (peach to black). - fixed
balancing - sanity dropping fast, a good nights sleep can help this a little
balancing - a good nights sleep can raise happiness
board suggestion - I thought that having a high happiness stat was supposed to have a good influence on sanity. - I always thought that being happy was a cause of insanity - ignored for now
question - "Are Internal Security and External Defense supposed to be in opposition to each other?" - negative stables its hard for the girl to escape(internal security) but very easy for anything to wander in and have there way with the girl(external defense) - "Their combined values never seem to exceed 100." - this will be later on modified by furniture and house type.
bug - Also, the security and defense stats for the last three rooms in the mansion read as blank and "undefined%", respectively. - fixed
bug - Got the Princess event after I already had her... didn't get an additional girl, though, so not a gameplay problem. - fixed
bug - Clicking on bought assistants brings up my main assistant's picture (fairy), rather than their own. - fixed also readjusted there position on the screen
bug - Still some very strange behavior at the brand creation counter. - SOAB! when I added the assistant can train towards the second class I forgot to remove the listener for it when going to other screens - fixed
bug - still some odd behavior with guild counter radios disapearing - hmm maybe from carpenter - it is caused by carpenter but can't find cause at all - check variables there fine - checked remove listeners they look fine but its only affecting the first 6 radio buttons those used by the carpenter - this might not be a problem with anything but indexing - fooking was indexing - fixed
bug - unable to cycle girls on guild screen or press okay button - probably broke them while tearing off listeners for radio buttons yep - fixed
reported - Brands still aren't functioning as they should. I've got a +2 Obedience on a girl twice a day, but it's not doing anything... though I think it might have had an effect on her the first day I applied it. - double checked they seem to be working for me - unable to replicate

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