Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Running Otherworld

Mugi in a school uniform... pretty standard stuff there.

A lot of people report having issues just running Otherworld. One of those things I just don't quite get if you have an up to date flash player:

You should be able to run the game.

But people still report issues to running the game. If you are experiencing the issues will you please try updating to the newest version of flash if that doesn't work please test.

Suggested by tf it seems like a good back up and may be in further releases as an option for people having trouble. Give it a try and post your feed back on

Like I said I never have an issue, so its a bit of an untestable thing for me. In other words please update flash.



  1. dont know what it is cant open it. and my flash player is up to date (tripple checked) for some reason it opens in flash player 9 instead of 10 and all i see is the start up page (new game, exit etc) cant do anything with it tough

  2. Right-click the file and choose Open with --> Choose default program and you should be able to change that. If it still opens with 9, then something's probably installed incorrectly. I would uninstall both and then reinstall only 10.

  3. iv tried everything from uninstalling to choosing default programs i just cant figure out what im messing up with i tried using IE but it would just keep showing me would you like to open or save i first tried save than open and it would just shoot me back to that same screen over and over again i don't know what i am doing wrong here i know i have all the updates to adobe. the weird thing is i can run slavemaker np its only this game that wont let me run it RAWRR!! can you help me out pls. ill love you long time :)