Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ugh... where are the bugs?

Was expecting a little more bug reports. I actually cleared all the posted bugs last night before going to work and had time to find or make a couple modifications. The flickering of the mouse over text... gone. Some 400 lines or redundant code, another what was i thinking, gone. Also some odd radio button behavior in the rooms is fixed. And I even found a bug I can't figure out dealing with disposable items. Plenty more bug reports for tonight. Thanks to all the debuggers, expect a long list of fixes tomorrow as well.


bug - Jewel shop missing labels - reindexed with the new system should be fixed again - fixed
bug - pony raising cow and cow raising pony - fixed
bug - assistant screen items disapearing - reindexed with the new system should be fixed again - fixed
bug - Happiness on my slave reset to 0 after I changed classes from combat to maid. - oops the new strip girl function that keeps the item was resetting the base happiness stat and not the item added stat - fixed.
reported - Job icons don't appear to display on the farm screen. I set cleaning in a general room, or "pig" in a stable - the it always displays a "Z" when I'm done. The job appears not to be set as opposed to not displaying. - think this might be just unused to the new room system or unable to replicate.
bug - Haruhi is 3284 - now 16 - fixed
board suggestion - changing prices of rooms and manshions - most likely this will be better balanced later on, right now keeping low to allow for more testing
bug - extra radio button full appearing on stables screen - fixed
bug - radio buttons moving around - when selecting dance it applys it but moves back to singing same with instrument - this is a return to the current day time - moving to selected day time - fixed
updated worksafe on cow, pig, pony images
bug - prime % needs fixed - added text - but its fake - not sure if thats a fix or not
bug - flickering of mouse over text - fixed - changed how it was calculating position
-----------all bugs reported before going to work fixed-------------
changed how rooms jobs are created - removing 400 lines of code and making adding new jobs much faster - another what was I thinking
new item ItemExpendableChocolate
bug - expendable item usage isn't updating stats - happiness is not updating correctly...

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