Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Open Source, October Goals

First off the new open source will be up today sometime, not at time of post but soon, check the message board for the links.


The loader has slightly changed there is a new walkthrough for it on the message board as well.



Like the cat girl, she will be bringing you messages for character events.

Of the things that stuck out people wanted done for the November, saving (which now sort of works), combat (keep asking it ain't happenen), and more love to the characters. That one I'm willing to work on. So we need a messenger to deliver events that are class based and I like cat girls... you probably realized that already.

The current new bug list I will double check tomorrow at work. The majority of the issues seem to be more balancing then bugs. Take sanity its much easier to lose... but I don't think your actually able to raise. Will play with that.


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