Friday, October 8, 2010

Not that sick anymore.

First off no longer dead sick, Yay! Next up a hot fix for saving and loading:

Removed the loader did not work correctly. 10/9/10

This is not a fix to all bugs just to saving and loading. If you guys could pound it for a while trying to break saving and loading I would apreciate it. Last note the new loader is NOT WORKSAFE and I am currently working on fixing that. I'm hoping the loader though will allow more people to stop having issues with initial start up.

Whats changed.

Having the character blank white image, won't crash the game.
The continue button on the start page works.
Pushing the next shift/Day button after loading won't crash the game... (that one took me 2hours to figure out and fix).

*******PLEASE USE NEW SAVES NOT OLD SAVES*****************

Some odd Notes: For those using the oppensource and making new girls from this version on may need to add more java virtual memory, when compiling. Yah I know it makes no sense to me either but its getting huge and I guess java(how the hell flash compiles in java) doesn't have enough memory for the initial compile. To fix this: Of all the suggestions here only the changing the virtual memory worked.

Right click on My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Vars
Make a new var like this:


and its value

-Xmx256M my labtop only would go to -Xmx128M

(May be time to upgrade the old labtop... 4 years of service to the cause).


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