Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Writers Wanted

Assistant's need love too. Its not all generic lines of "Assistant trains slaves in boredom." They want there own lines, with a bit of personality. Now if only some of our great writers would go out there and make them. As part of my goal that text is just as important as pics, if actually not more important. A picture is just a picture, a story though really adds to the ambiance.

Assistant's Job Writers Wanted

Flagnine has also started a thread for tentacle attack stories. Worth checking out and it fits with today's theme.

Tentacle Writers Wanted


Continuing working on the assistant's AI tonight. I think most people will love or hate it. Still going with my goal of you are NOT the assistant.

Have a great day,



  1. I'm thinking maybe I could write for the catgirl assistant. I've never written for a game before, so you'll need to guide me through, but I write pretty well, and I'm above average at pornographic texts.
    I love the catgirl, so I think I'd be very happy to write her. Of course, if you don't guide me nothing gets done.

  2. Its pretty straight forward comments about the job and the assistants enthusiasm for training them. Go post to the section on topic if you have any questions.