Monday, January 17, 2011

Just more assistant stuff

Miko in a plug suit.

Another day of tweaking:

Milking effect checks now happen at the END of night shift.
Sleeping is now a bit more effective.
Assistants have float over text.
Assistants can now be bribed.
Assistants now become unhappy if ignored.

And that was a night. Still got to play with the Assistant AI to do but its a lazy day instead going to probably play with images if I feel like it.

I am thinking of doing a tentacle slipped into the rooms sequence, not kidnap, if anyone is interested in writing it up please go post in the writers wanted section will be most likely though in the next update not February.



  1. Any idea on when we might see a new release (or even an alpha to bug test.)

  2. Miko looks good in that camel toe suit... ^_^

  3. I am so looking forward to the next release... the stuff you've been working on is so awesome looking :)

  4. So is the miko a job class, or an actual character? Anyways nice pic of Reimu in th eplugsuit by the way.

  5. I believe the plan is that it is a class that the girls can learn but its also the working name of the eldest of the 3 princesses.

  6. Fuck!!! So many tasty things...
    Daisy-sensei, please, beta-realese...
    I wanna eat all of this...