Monday, January 3, 2011

Call for Help

First off sorting is now working again... I think and furniture screen is done. Will need to actually work on the furniture items and there effects but that is a different issue. Oh and the landers are working now, they will be come a standard for drag and drop from now on.


Call For Help

Main Screen Redesign

Going to have to change the main screen anyways as it no longer fits. There were a lot of good suggestions some of them I plan on stealing for the new design but not going to play with it for a week or so. If you want to submit your own design or suggestions, please go and post on the board.

Items to be added:

-Landers for the drag and drop over rooms
-Girls will hide when dragged over to fix the bug of some girls being on top of others
-Rooms not owned will NOT be shown, make it a little more user friendly
-Would like to do assistant AI icons so you know what the assistant is doing is visible at a glance
-moving everything so they fit with the task bar

Items that will need to be remembered but won't be added this update
-Assistant + Trainer

Game Content Thread

Saving and Loading

I admit it I am stumped on the saving and loading bugs. So I'm calling for help if you have any ideas, especially code, please post them. I really don't know where to go from here its just seems to be eluding me and is becoming more and more spaghetti code.

New open source is up and to the left.

Saving and Loading Help

Image Requests

Still need help for new icons for jobs and class skills. Also depending on how the main screen redesign goes may need icons for assistant AI jobs. And expect even more requests in the next few days for items as I try to get the task and faction systems up.

Image Request Thread

I want to do a bugged and wip release this month. Your help speeds that up, and I can always use it.



  1. One thing about the saving.

    Now that I have found were the ".sol" file is, Iv been backing up the file to save my progress, so that problem is solved for me.

    One thing I noticed is that the game only saves AFTER you close the game. I could click the save button 100 times, the game will only save after I close the game properly. If the game is shut down suddenly (crash) the save becomes messed up.

  2. @Capontx
    that may be the reason for my impression that the load button saved the game, too. and it didn't seem to load anything. i'll try to find out more about this later

  3. Confirming, if you click save the .sol file isn't updated, if you click save and then exit it saves the file correctly, if you exit without saving the .sol file becomes messed up.

    So best way is to click save, exit, backup the file, then reopen the game and load. If you want to go back to where you saved, exit the program, copy back and replace the .sol file and then open it back.

  4. Daisy i cant seem to find the .swf file in the new release and the file for browsers is broken or something so that i cant even start the game. Now perhaps i made a mistake with extraction(i just extracted all rars i an folder and copy-pasted them in the usual game folder)ty for the answer and happy new year :)

  5. Which release are you talking about? If its the opensource there is no .swf file, since its not a release.

    My recommendation is still the x-mas release.