Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sorry, I seem to always mess something up every time I try to do a release. Here is a version not stuck in worksafe and loading all the girls not my fast loader with only safe girls that I use at work.

MU 1

MU 2

MF 1
MF 2

Sorry again,



  1. Strange my arhivator said that part 2 is damaged

  2. Download was successful, but loading is broken. While in a game it works ok, but after closing the program and loading the game one more time it complains about not finding a file.

  3. After completing the training level in the arena and taking the apple loot. One of the apple symobls continues to stay upon the screen even when in the main street or at home.

    When the farmer guild gentleman turns up, i can't actually see his picture due to the angel assistant's picture being in front of his.

  4. Why apologies, it did say February Bugged release didn't it? if anything we should say thank you for releasing it so soon :)

  5. Can someone re upload latest version?
    Very want to play, already download couple of times and part 2 doesn't open by 7-zip of winrar

  6. Apple duplication when getting training, and the icon hovered after. The assistant seems to drift to the right, and cover up icons.

    Saving and reloading cleared both.

    Great update! :)

  7. After reloading, Arena wasn't grayed out anymore. Losing a fight displayed a game over but put the game in a loop. The enemies keep attacking.

    Checking if total party hp is zero would clear this. Or if all characters are at zero hp.