Saturday, January 22, 2011

Da Bugs, Da Bugs!

Before we get to the bugs, I wanted to point out that Redcape had expanded on his card idea. Which I'm finding more and more interesting as we go along. I wanted to just mention that I keep planning it out in my mind how to do the cards and its a bit of a layering nightmare. Best if I just point out the layers.

top <--- Transparent layer invisible. This layer is to make sure that everything is even at the top and can be dragged from anywhere. Why? Because otherwise I have to add listeners to everything and the drag and drop keeps getting moved by the pieces.

Middle Top <-- Icons and Names.

Middle <-- Colored Transparency. Want these below the Icons so there not changing colors.

Middle Bottom <-- The Girl. Heres where it gets to the pain in the ass. If the girl pic is still in the girl file and not the otherworld file I can't changed the index point of the girl, damn I wish I could and I'm pretty sure there is a way but I can't figure it out and that's the rub. Because it has to be right at this point. The instancing of the rooms is slowly narrowing this range and making it easier, but that's still a long way off before I will have the girls index set to a specific range and adding more girls will change that range...

Bottom <-- The actual card.

I still think its doable but I just wanted to point out it is a serious huge epic undertaking. But they look really professional. As always I want to keep up the discussion on new main room designs.


Going to duplicate this post onto that forum too just to be on the same point.

Now on to bugs.... Didn't get all the x-mas bugs killed but got it started.

bug - Another error, Lace & Mew's Cat Maid doesn't seem to be able to be turned in. - confirmed - moved the popup to its own .as - its registered as being good but not giving add - fixed - issue with if there is no special quest items for the pop up would always return false
bug - having no girls will crash the girl pop up - fixed
bug - having no girls says "Hello" on the girl pop up - fixed
bug - Sakura can't wear Plugsuit, the screen goes completely blank. Might be because there aren't any pictures for it. - fixed
bug - Prime Sakuras and Yoruichis get a "I screwed up" text for their classes - maid was renumber and these were using the old numbering - fixed
reported - In combat, any clothes the girls are wearing are of centered. - Works for me was it a specific outfit or girl?
***lots of bugs about saving - should be resolved****
bug - The description on cow girl starts with "Musician. The slave's [...]" - fixed
bug - It seems that the health % goes underneath the upper bar (the brown one with the money/etc) when a girl is using an assistant so it becomes unreadable. - fixed its been lowered
Interface - When given the choice to replace a class, it seems that the buttons to choose wether to remove a class or ignore the new one are too close together. It might be nicer to space them out a bit. (this is true for all events seen on jobs) - widened these a bit I hope it helps
bug - On the arena, it isn't possible to receive the items. Dragging and dropping them on top of the inventory will not do anything. On the other hand, I seem to randomly receive an apple every few rounds. - fixed
balancing - How many girls do you have cleaning a a time, per day? Having girls being a whore makes the house very messy, so it requires multiples girls cleaning over a long period of time. - cleaning is much more effective - shouldn't have to have more then 1 girl cleaning a day for 2 shifts or so for an expert maid. If it is still bad please report on balancing. Also assistant housework ability cleans EVERY room
bug - oops only maids in the first slot were getting cleaning bonuses for cleaning... - fixed
reported - The "I screwed up" msg is very common the higher the price you bid for the girl is. I almost always get it for prime girls. - Where? Thats a float over text so what spot is giving the message...
bug - the top row of the girls equipment (in this case collar and brand) periodically disappear. Removing and/or equipping items seems to restore them a majority of the time. - changed all of these to an instanced array and moved them close to the bottom. Seemed to fix the issue. - had to update the gametext for mouse over
bug - girls are losing their virginity even though they're wearing a Chastity Belt. - fixed at removeEffect()- would really like to know though where it is taking place so I can fix it there.


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  1. About the last bug. Most took place when with an assistant, specially if the assistant was set to money (always). By the way, with assistants they train normally all 3 stats even the one that the belt should block. Also, is a dildo belt allowed over the belt? I mean, it cant be used on the slave, however by the slave should be ok. Finally, are you planning more types of chastity belts, with different stats, for futas, maybe even for the trainer?