Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mio Finished Up Finally

Finally finished up Mio, 139 images. Started up on Mugi now. While at the same time Lonewolf is finishing up another new slave, the ever popular, Belldandy, who should be in the next release. I will write up a guide to making slaves probably after this release and the debugging is done. I want to check for final problems before turning everyone loose.

Docclox has just about finished the new auction screen integration. YAY! Moving forward towards a bugged release sometime this year.



  1. <3 Cant wait untill I can make my own slaves through xml.

  2. The new version more and more looks like its gonna blow the old one away! :D


  3. soo stoked for the new version cant wait :) looks pro!!

  4. You are torturing us by showing how great the game is while at the same time waiting for the release.:)