Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Explorer

First off I want to say that Docclox is an evil genius. Took me about 10minutes to add the explorer.swf to the main game. This is something I tried to do for days with combat and failed miserably at...

Another look at the exploration random dungeons. This one a little smaller tiles... gives us a huge map. But still made using recursion I feel like I should go play Zelda now. Also demonstrates the new overlays.... yah probably hard to notice them, lets blow it back up.

A little easier to see overlays are objects that rest on top of the map and create features or enemies waiting for you. What I'm showing here is actually going to be really bad practice as overlays shouldn't be used on random maps. The game doesn't have collision with overlays just whats under them.

I'm sure everyone was expecting really complicated code to build them... and that's it. As you can probably tell they are scaled by tile size and placed by tiles x y. This to me makes the most sense as they are covering tiles.


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