Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Numbers Game

A lazy day playing Diablo 2. No I don't know why. So for today's filler content, d/l number.

4932 4344 Media Fire
5667 3893 Mega Upload
10599 8237

Broke 10k~! At least for half the downloads. Not quite sure about the 2 thousand who didn't d/l the second file. Anyways definitely the most popular release beating the last out by about 7k. WOW! Though that may have something to do with the longer time in between releases.

Going to work on the combat tester some more tonight. Maybe a little more on actual animation then onto balancing.



  1. Dear Daisy_Strike, Want Try Latest Version, Can't Find Download, Derp ^^

  2. Dear anonymous. Look to your left. Links there.

  3. The links on the left are for the February release. Or are you referring to going to sourceforge to obtain it?

  4. Feb is the newest version unless you want to compile all of the SVN files yourself. They are working towards a new release but not there yet.