Monday, April 11, 2011

Even more changes to the Combat Tester

First off Scaling is now possible. Why wasn't it possible before, that's a little complicated. (Those not interested in programing can skip a head.) The real problem was that the width/height would be changed before the externally loaded image could load. Since there was only the option of having 1 image total trying to change the image width and height upon loading resulted in the image actually growing on the screen. Changed that to an array of images that preload and that fixes the issue for all but the first image. Add a null image and display it for a .1s and everything has loaded and we can then change the image size at will.

Another advantage of having an array is that we can have more then one image available on the screen.

An aoe example with 3 images on the screen at the same time. A casting image and the actual hit images. So many more options now available. For those who have been playing with it a new link.

New Version of Combat Tester


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