Friday, April 22, 2011

New Slave ~ Belldandy

Lonewolf has uploaded Belldandy and all I can say is he worked over time on her. About 130 images, great job Lonewolf!

Compared to him I had a slower but steady night working on the dungeon. Specifically getting the recursion to add the same things the xml adds so that I get consistency for event handling.

type = "exit"
x = "1"
y = "1"
next = "2"
end = "true"

So you common exit parsed in. Tells the type where to place it where it goes to and if its an end or a start (useful for placing the character... other wise they always warp to the top not a great thing). So now when the recursion creates the exit it adds the same information. Same for the treasure chests. Recursion also will now look up rather then down if you start at the end.

Also added some stuff that even if you built a recursion or pre-drawn dungeon you can change a square to your specific choice. IE if you want to add a treasure chest at point 4 4 with neko-mimi on a random dungeon, you can. If you want to add a treasure chest at 2,3 with a flash light on a pre-drawn dungeon and don't feel like figuring out which spot is 2,3 just add it as a square and walk away. Over all I'm having fun.

Traps, enemy encounters, and i'm sure a hundred other things tonight.



  1. Woo, Belldandy! And what's better than having Belldandy as your girlfriend/slave? Having two or three of them!

    Can't wait for the next release.

  2. Whats better than a couple belldandys?? An Urd or 3 lol but hey thats just me....

    The new combat stuff is makin me drool over here Daisy!!


  3. Oh my lord, this game is gonna be epic! If this continue, maybe even it gonna be a pc game that need 2 dvd to install >.<

  4. Just a suggestion:
    - 12 is a better limit for the number of slaves (can be divided by 2,3,4) because the maximum number of master bedroom is 4, there is also 4 moments in a day so 12 slaves will be easier to manage than 10