Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dungeon Stuff

Trying to get the loading of tiles to happen and complete and then changing the height and width. (You can't change the height and width before they are loaded as that results in them being turned into 0 x 0.) My original plan of a timer was just well amateurish. So with a HUGE amount of help from Docclox trying to solve this issue.

Other stuff adding even more to the xml parser for the dungeons.

type = "exit"
x = "11"
y = "9"
next = "2"

type = "treasure"
x = "3"
y = "3"
lootrand = "false"
lootNumber = "1001"
changetile = "2"

Trying to build in a system to check squares when you hit them and allow people to program the xml to allow for a lot of possible events. Sounds like fun right?



  1. yeah, it sounds nice) *thinking about rape events*

  2. ^ Speaking of which, I really wish those were optional. You know, like in Slave Maker if you're not into the whole rape scene, you can turn it off.