Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Explorer - Tutorial

So now that the exploration is about done going to write up a series of tutorials on how to make your own dungeon. First off lets give a down load of the required bits. These pieces can also be found in




(assuming doc hasn't moved it again)

You do NOT need CS4 or CS5 to make your own maps just a .swf player and an xml editor. You can use notepad or any text editor but I recommend notepad++.


So you should have the following files...


First off to talk about because it does nothing is preferenceInfo.xml. This basically tells the game that your playing in Game Mode or Tester Mode. You don't have to change anything, it knows... and because your in tester mode. The little + button appears. The + button allows you to change dungeons.

tileInfo.xml allows you to add more tiles. The little blocks that make up the maps.

mapInfo.xml actually draws the maps.

explorer.swf plays the game.

/Tile/ holds all the images.

Lets do a little vocab

Tile - is the smallest piece, a square, an image pulled in from the /Tile/ directory.

Square - is a tile with an event on it.

Map - is a collection of tiles on a single layer.

Dungeon - is a collection of maps that make up an entire quest.

That seems like enough for a day,


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