Saturday, April 23, 2011

First look The Green as a dungeon

Looks a bit different from the old two colored dungeons? I'm really freaking happy with the current system now. That dungeon was created with the code in the xml file right below it. That's it and a lot of those you don't even need to be added if you don't want to the game default values them if you leave them blank. Most of the stuff also follows a pattern for looking for traps or enemies or treasure. See if it is defined in the square, see if it is defined for the map, then see if its defined for the dungeon. So you are walking along and you meet an encounter. If its a forced encounter pull the enemies marked on the square, if not see if there are any enemies marked for that map, if not use the enemies marked for the dungeon. Same with treasure. That way you can be as detailed or as lazy as you want.

Oh and I think i forgot to mention it though its pretty obvious from the example defining the tiles to use is just a list of the command tiles. How easy is that?



  1. Wow, it looks really good. Plus it's made by that little bit of code? That's amazing!

  2. BADASS!!! :D now we just need a new release :P