Monday, April 18, 2011

Explorer - Dungeon

A look at the xml driven dungeons...


A quick look at an xml parsed and hand written dungeon. See that long list below of numbers they all coincide with a tile. Yah its that tough. Oh and did I mention that the actual tiles are pulled in from another xml so that the builder can add there own... Thought you would like that.

Lets change one variable and make a random dungeon...

That's the difference between a created dungeon and a recursion random dungeon... one variable. What's not to like. And if you noticed the xml can change a lot more then that and I am still adding stuff. Give me another week and I think it will be truly amazing. Its in the SNV for those who want to play.



  1. Im gonna start havin fits till the next version is released lol!! This is looking to become an epic game! :)


  2. really making some huge steps for gameplay -- awesome

  3. WANT PLAY! GIMME! U get +10 Teh Internetz 4 Game! Go 4chan, share there, u big famous!