Sunday, April 17, 2011


So spent all night breaking working code and then trying to figure out how I broke it. One of those I have a working function so now lets make it a universal function rather then copying and pasting new copies to handle almost the exact same thing. 2 hours later I was back to copying and pasting. But still think I got a lot done the dungeon program has a working xml parser. Doesn't really effect everything but I'm working on that and trying to build it to allow for large range of random maps or create your own. So its going to take a while. And every time I change something I blow up the recursion. Just one of those nights.



  1. dungeons AND explosions! wooo!

  2. Will there be an opportunity to sell paintings and statues done by your artistic slaves in future releases?

  3. Great job Daisy_Strike, looks like a lot of facets you are adjusting. I know it might take a bit to incorporate them into one system again, but gotta say, I'm looking forward to the next release.