Friday, April 1, 2011


Last night I started experimenting with some code for a black jack card game. Sort of reminds me of college doing stupid games and trying to build stuff outside the comfort area. But I now get the package classes and built my own external loader. Something Docclox has been doing for the past few weeks and I had to play with myself. Also showed me I need to do some major rewriting to combat, now that I get how to do classes correctly. No images, and i'm sure most of you are bored with this already. So lets pull out something from the vault. For April Fools how about just a wall of text.



On the exterior of "Safety Valve" is a mass transit system designed to move people and goods quickly. Stress exterior, it is actually on the outside of the sphere, one of the reasons it was not damaged by the P-Door opening. It is currently offline do to the green which has spread filling it up and making it impossible for the maintenance bots to keep up. When online or even if sections of it are online it would allow for rapid transportation to all the primary maintenance locations on Safety Valve. As well as access to the other subterranean research complexes and housing.


The non-sentient AI of "Safety Valve". In charge of maintenance of Safety Valve. Her main processors are held next to the fusion reactor (sun), one of the few places that the green has not reached. She communicates wireless to the distant parts monitoring and adjusting the life support. The green though has severely limited this ability. (The green being created for combat, has a tendency to jam wireless communications.) She can contact main installations but is unable to contact her bots, most of which have gone into hibernation mode or have been eaten by the green.

Valve-chan is unsure exactly what is happening. Not designed to think outside of the box. She knows there has been an accident (the p-door), she knows that she has lost communication with most of her bots. She is waiting for directions as to what to do next.

Like most Spherian technology Valve-chan is designed to be used by Spherians and only by Spherians. (Why even with super tech lying around in some places most of it is in-operable). Spherians design all there technology so it can not be used by other "barbarians." That includes its spheres. If she felt the "Safety Valve" had been overrun by non-spherian "barbarians" she would cleanse the sphere.

The Spherian Embassy is not in direct contact with Valve-chan. They consider a non-sentient AI to be just a part of daily life and don't really see any need to say hi to a dumb computer.

AI Notes:

Spherian AI's are in two classes.

Sentient AI's which are considered spherian Citizens with all the rights of citizens and are ruled by the AI Council an off shoot of the Spherian Council, that work together. The AI Council makes the determination if a an AI is sentient. This doesn't mean that sentient AI's are used to control major ships and colonies. It is seen as a great honor for a AI to be chosen to run a war ship or a habitation module, disrespecting a sentient AI is the same usually as disrespecting your home, something that is never done, as a mad AI can make your life very unpleasant with out killing you.

Non-Sentient AIs the dumb back bone of Spherian society that handles all the little tasks that no one wants to think about. They are not acknowledged by the AI council as brethren and are created by anyone who wants a semi-smart computer program, that is usually both physically and code wise restricted from becoming self aware. A non-sentient AI becoming aware is not a crime but at that point it becomes a citizen and well its not likely that the new sentient AI will want to run your toaster oven.


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