Thursday, December 30, 2010


The pens are now instanced completely.

Rooms are all instanced except for the name labels for the jobs, something to do tonight. Also will need to adjust all the float text so they work again with the new instanced versions. Not a big deal just time consuming. I want to get rooms finished so I can start adding new content to them. Furniture and tasks, need to get done then might start thinking about doing an official release.

Not much more to say,



  1. Don't suppose you can tweak insanity a bit? My girls constantly go insane after I've had them awhile, and nothing I do seems to solve the problem. Sex just makes them more lusty and they still seem to go crazy, no sex and they seem to go crazy, dirty house and they seem to go crazy, clean house and they seem to go crazy, lot's of personal attention, welfare attention, ect, they still go crazy. No matter what I dress them up with, they go crazy. It's driving me crazy!

  2. i don't think the sanity attribute works like it should. some of my girls are at -125 to -130 sanity and still it doesn't seem to change anything (no insanity remark like after taking the mysterious potion). i see no way to make them less lusty, insane or sad though. they are totally stuck there, because the values increase at least as fast as i can decrease them. i tried to add brandings to make it more effective, but that is horribly expensive. but i think i could try that again now that i have them being perfect cow girls. i can probably afford it now