Sunday, December 12, 2010

So another night of playing with the combat system. Tutorial is up and running, everything seems rather fine except for some reason Teresa is getting two attacks if you kill the zombie. Something to fix tonight after that the exp screen and more work on enemy creation. Combat is killing me already 5000 new lines of code and three new screens. That's about two months worth of updates by itself and still not done.

And my upstairs neighbor creating a sail boat in his third story apartment is driving me crazy to much banging, sawing, and power drills. That I can't really think of anything else to make this wall of text longer.



  1. i hate nosiy neighbors and who the heck builds a sail boat in a aparment on the third story lmao

    any ways thanx for all the hard work i really look forward to the next update keep up the good work

  2. lol i saw this post and i immediately remember when i watch claymore haha :P good choice of ladies