Thursday, December 9, 2010

Set up Screen part Infinite

So got all of the placement stuff up and working last night will still need to add some UI help and mouse over but that's about it. Will be working on the player items to backpack next. I did these a little oddly in that the backpack items are actually just pointers to what is in the player array. Rather then making multiple copies or moving stuff from one to the other and then back again. That seemed to work out pretty well up until this point. Now the array sorting of the two is going to be interesting. Will probably have to rewrite how stuff appears. But now that I think about it the sorting buttons do that already... maybe a special hidden sort for combat items... ooh. Good talking to you I need to go play with that.

Testing out another .swf player sort of like the Gom Player. In my search for the perfect way to play otherworld, it seems to run it quite fine and fast.

Redcape has pretty much finished up the sprite parade. They are as always so kawaii that I feel like I am getting sugar shock and want to thank him again for the great work.



  1. good job cant wait for it to be finshed and try it out

    keep up the good work i am looking forward to seeing this in action

  2. Daisy, every decent 32bit player for Windows can run any SWF file as long as you have the IE version of Flash installed (the 64bit versions need a 64bit Flash that still doesn't exist officially) on the system. The problem some players have is saving and multiple clicks switching between full screen and window mode.

    Players I'd recommend for testing:
    Media Player Classic Home Cinema (aka MPC-HC) -
    GOM Media Player -
    The KMPlayer -

    P.S. The links point to there official sites.

  3. Hey Daisy! Lurker here that finally decided to stop xD

    Loved the game so far, and the combat previews are totally taking me back to a time when games were better, if simpler graphics-wise!

    Keep up the awesome work <3

  4. I just got one simple question was RedScape drunk when the bottom two sprites were done? they look nothing like those high quality ones above them

  5. This is a pretty great game! Keep on having fun! Can't wait for the next update.

  6. @ Anonymous: Thats not very nice. I take it you can do a better job of making sprites?

  7. Actually, that is not correct. Redcape did not make the Sakura/Yoruichi sprites. Those were done by Lonewolf who created the files for those girls.

  8. Will I be able to replace these with my own sprites? Although most of the time I probably won't care, at one point I may want to replace the sprites with ones that have sillier body proportions (read: gag boobs + tiny waist)