Friday, December 10, 2010

Set Up Screen about done finally


So the sort algorithm can create infinite recursions. Something I wasn't aware of, and that I must have missed in the bug reports. Removing for now, and I recommend you don't use sort.

Other then that as you can tell the back pack is up and working. Also played a little with the floating task bar. Next up is the ever popular integration of set up page to actual combat page. Such fun...


I have posted a to do list on the board basically just a long list of stuff I still consider undone. Also a way to keep record of good ideas so they don't get lost when I put them off. Might be interesting read, might not.

The to do list.


To help out the wiki guys I have uploaded my main image repository. The ones I carry around with me each night as I go to work.



Sort of Off topic but still sort of on...

Docclox frequent board member and the creator of the Whore Master game has his own blog now.

Worth checking out if your willing to read more then 1 blog a day. Now if you only read one you have to read mine, just so were clear.


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  1. Do you have a svn cvs or something like that? i want to help