Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Set up Screen, Wiki, Offtopic

Didn't do much last night except add a few more elements during a dull Castle and rather good John Stewart.


The wiki team continues adding information adding TF to the team.



The rest is completely off topic and probably been rephrased in my mind. Read only if your bored.

So I get a phone call at 9:45am this morning.

(ME) Hello?
(Charter) Hi, I'm BEEP with Charter Fraud is this BEEP I'm talking to.
(ME) Yah...
(Charter)We just wanted to let you know that last month you exceeded the download threshold last month.
(ME)What threshold?
(Charter)Well on October we sent out that there are new thresholds in the amount you can download. It seems that with your current account you can only download 100gb a month and you downloaded 793gb... (pauses) Do you download movies from Netflix or something similar. HD movies on Netflix can run 8gb.
(Okay so I found a new porn site last month and went a little insane but 100gb is ridiculously low. But hell if I'm going to tell Charter that I'm using bit torrent.)
(Me)Something like that, there's a threshold?
(Charter)Yes, we just started notifying customer this month, if you exceed it more then three months in a rolling 6 months, we can discontinue your service.
(ME)Isn't 100gp a bit too low.
(Charter)The average family only uses 25gb a month.
(Obviously except for the ones using Netflix... So that's how it is. Cable is $65 a month and Netflix is $7.99 but uses the same bandwidth.)
(ME)Isn't 100gp a bit too low?
(Charter)Well if you do upgrade your service we can increase the threshold up to 500gb... oh wait your area doesn't have that service. The max we can upgrade it to is 250gb.
(And I did 3x that in a single month!)
(ME)Can you send at least e-mails when I'm close to my threshold like cell phones.
(Charter)We don't have that as an option.
(ME)Okay upgrade me.
(Charter)Thank you for using Charter.

(Looks like quest is going to get a new customer soon.)



  1. I know this is going to sound rude since you are doing so much work on the game. But ill still go on and say that could u make the game a little easier to get used to and easier gameplay! It's kind of difficult to grasp on to and the gameplay is hard. Also "Otherworld" written on google search gives all kinds of crap. It would be cool if you changed the name into something not usually associated with random stuff. A unique name.

  2. Actually the otherworld search issue has been something on my mind for a while. To tell you the truth I didn't have a name for the game and just sort of fell into Otherwold and then liked it from there. Maybe tossing a stupid sub-name would be smart. Like Otherworld:A simulator of Insanity.

    Game play... hmm.. if you got some great suggestions on how to make it easier please post them on the board.


  3. Charter is easily the worst service provider I've ever had. They usually only succeed in markets where they have little or no competition. If AT&T Uverse comes into your area jump on it, I'm not a big fan of AT&T and I have to keep calling them to keep my bill down but there's not assinine bandwidth cap. &*F&S Charter.

  4. hwah...?! Castle is never dull!! haha

  5. Otherworld doesn't work in Linux(Kubuntu 10.10) with Flash and Firefox or Chrome. It loads the Otherworld title background, and then behind that a ton of other images. But once it is done loading none of the buttons show up.

    Now for something completely different...

    All the major cable broadband players have a bandwidth download/upload cap. That's right it is both upload and download so it hits torrent users hard. The main reason I've heard is that "it's to keep traffic down". Instead of upgrading the infrastructure to allow as many users as there are, they can just limit what we can do, charge more AND increase the users on their network. I also wouldn't be surprised if it is to limit bittorrent as well.

    I had charter where I went to school 2 years ago and they supposedly implemented that limit back then. I had to seed private trackers only, everything else i removed as quickly as it finished to stay under the cap. I am just glad comcast's default is over twice that of charter's.

    Also I hate how they butchered the term 'bandwidth'.

  6. This is ridiculous ...
    I don't know about your country but here in West Europe you can get something like 50-80megabits/s for 40-50Euro/month (fiber optics right to your building - business plan available to private clients) or about 25megabits/s download and 10megabits/s upload with something like 50-250 connections cap for below 20Euro, and we still have below average rating on broadband connection charts ... Don't get me wrong but the time of cable modems and download caps are over and it is up to the users to show the ISPs that eater they forget about them or they start loosing clients ...
    Not to mention the fact that 500GB/month is way below average for most young people around here ...

    P.S. Otherworld still doesn't work right with FF and Chrome under WP SP3.

  7. LOL... 250GB ??? Here in Portugal(Europe) I have UNLIMITED downloads and upload for 48 euros per month (around 60 dollars) and 100/MB's speed. And in here you have other options for unlimited Down's and up's between 20-30 euros (26-40 dollars) but with slower connections. Optic fiber is pretty much common in Europe these days, and almost everyone I know has it. xD

  8. And somehow we are still way below others in broadband charts. I once saw in the newspaper that in terms of ranks, Portugal stands at the 17┬║spot with South Korea being number 1┬║ x__x

  9. heh, here in Canada, our cap is 40-60g, that's right, that isn't a typo >.>

    North American market is known for the lack of consumer protection, hence the pricing to rip as much ppls off as possible

  10. Anonymous said...
    P.S. Otherworld still doesn't work right with FF and Chrome under WP SP3.

    And also do not work in Opera 9.64 and 10.1, and IE 7.0 hangs in the XP SP3 ...

  11. I'd still rather be in any of the above places.

    Here in SA, the cap is between 1 and 10 Gb, depending on your account, and you can extra Gb at approx 1Gb/$4.

    That and frequent service interruption (at least once a month) leave me laughing at the recent ad of 'first world service'.