Saturday, December 11, 2010

Screen flow in Combat

A flow chart for arena and exploration combat. Yah the arena screen looks sort of ugly in comparison, but going to work on that some day. Right now re-working on how enemies are created and scripted enemies events. Also some day will have to build the exp and item screen at the end. Getting it up and running slowly and steadily still hoping to release a test version some time this week. That's what I said last week isn't it?

I actually can't think of any thing else to say.



  1. looks good keep up the good work
    i would not mind given it a test
    and dont worry delays happen i would rather have it delayed than have it bugged

  2. yeah, delays are fine as long the work is well done. It's much better to wait and play good stuff than getting a release soon and be all buggy.

    Anywhay it looks great to me, nice work :)