Monday, December 13, 2010

Exp Screen part 1

False Enthusiasm C42. Got the basic lay out done, except for the player and girls. Item after combat is up and being made okay. Even works for arena. Still have to make a much more complex backpack version as it will be necessary to have exchange back and forth because of the back pack size limit. Also probably a take all button. Add that to the girl exping, class changes, and general trying to balance equals at least another one or two days.

But I'm declaring the next two days to be lazy days. I got a pile of anime to get through thanks in part to the Rightstuf's 12 days of Christmas. And I think 2 days of relaxing is well deserved, since this week I got a ton done.



  1. hey its your game dont got to give us reasons on why you want or need a break just say im taking a break
    dont like it tough shit lol
    any ways looks good

  2. yeah, if you need a break you don't have to justify anything, just do it.

    Besides, christmas is near so we'r all going to be busy, waiting will be no problem.

  3. Nah. Go back to work :3

    Joking. Joking? XD