Friday, December 31, 2010

Furniture Screen 1

First look at the new furniture screen... it looks great doesn't it. And right that's about all it does. Lets see what else to say, putting furniture in the item array for the time being will be number 10000+, really thinking i should get rid of the item compare array, but then I realize that I have better things to do for the next month or two. Though going to do the items for the furniture as an array of numbers not of images like I have been with the other item arrays.

Really not much more to say. Its new years eve and I'm working.



  1. Take a good rest and celebrate the new year with your family and friends.

    Happy new year daisy ! May 2011 bring us lots of happiness, including many otherworld releases :P

  2. Happy new year!! I too am in the opinion that january first has to be a mandatory lazy day.

  3. I probably shouldn't say this because I did this in c++ and I don't know much about flash games yet.
    But when I was making the inventory management system for a game I was working on abut a year ago I found the best way was to create 1 instance of each object in a list and have a separate list of structs in each character which had a pointer to the item and a count for the amount, probably didn't save much in fairness but it made life easier.
    Anyway the game looks like its going to be great so keep it up.

  4. Literally today I found a bug when using save / load and an unnamed mystic potions. I survived before use, drinking and restart the game download - the girl accepted the potion features were changed back + potion ...

  5. Happy New Year, Daisy...
    More nice lazy days XD