Monday, December 6, 2010

Combat Effects, Combat Startup, Wiki Cont

So effects are in now that's why my party is drunk. Can't say I blame them. Effects don't do much yet but will need for poisoning and drunk etc. Not sure though about player and assistant effects if they will be persistent after combat or exploration. That makes all of the basic core parts of combat in place. Are they fleshed out, oh hell no, but core allows for testing... on to the next part.

The combat set up screen. I'm looking for ideas how to arrange it pretty cause its stumping me. Go check out this thread if you want to suggest your screen design.

Screen Set up


The wiki is growing rapidly thanks to Redcape, Flagnine and A Wikia contributor. In one day they have put up a huge amount of information, pics, and are really fleshing it out. Thanks guys.


  1. Pretty sure I saw that flagnine1 contributed a bit to the wiki, too.

  2. Redcape is doing most of the work I am just going thru and fixing tense grammar.