Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meditate, Easy Loader, Offtopic

So on my nice lazy day, been adding new jobs... I really want to finish up rooms a bit before going back to combat. (Really tired of combat for the time being.) Tasks and furniture being undone has been bugging me. Plus we need more jobs and classes.

The easy loader seems to be successful have 3 confirmed cases of it loading on systems that had failed to load before. Which means that going to instance screens will probably consume a day or two of each week until there all brought up to code. (I rather like that pun.)


Offtopic part 1:

Been playing "Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle" rather enjoying the bad puns even if I haven't found an H Scene after 3 hours of playing.

Offtopic Part 2:

I admit it Erobeat's code has bested me I spent more then 1/2 an hour trying to crack it to no success. If someone could e-mail me the answer for the last 3 days I would really appreciate it. Please do not post as a comment as I don't want my favorite hentai subbers pissed at me.



  1. new finding: the "load"-button seems to also save the game. changes done after saving weren't changed back after pressing the load button and after closing the game and starting again, the changes were still applied.

    something else: why do some girls stop lactating all the time, though they are milked every day?

    i'm using the easy loader version

  2. Daisy check your PMs in the forums, I sent you the solution.
    It wasn't all that hard, once I figured day 2, day 3 was a piece of cake.

  3. @hessi: dont milk them in the night for now, milking them in the nught will trigger a bug that makes them stop lactating.

  4. Daisy, I can try my hand at coding some jobs or classes if you would like the help. I would offer more help but i'm desperately trying to finish Peach for SM

  5. Finish peach please I'm looking forward to it.


  6. @Samu
    that seems to be what's wrong. only the girls milked in the last shift stop lactating. thanks