Monday, September 10, 2012

Bugs ( Not really a surprise )

More bugs and issues with interface. It's slowly becoming smoother and better.



9/9/12 - Arandur

In the Girls Info Screen Some Missing /False Values
Age: 17 Owned: 0 <-- I Own her so it should be 1 ( Other Girls have
3-4-5 and i have only one of them )
One Girl shows Age: 3284 ( So i think there is some Love Needed to get
this Page in Shape ^^ )
B: 0 ( cup: 2 ) W: 0 H: 0 <- Generic Bust Size shown but all other
Values not. Same fo all Girls.

-- Owned is now Days Owned
-- Yes Menace is over 3000 years old?!?!

-- wow no arch there was an over site

-- bwh were not being transfered from arch to girls fixed
--  Added defined sides for Days Owned, Weight, Blood Type
-- Hopefully that fixes most of the issues


9/9/12 - Arandur

The Next Button when forwarding Text should be replaced.
Its for me exactly over the Next Day Button in the Home Screen.
So a Load Lag or just clicking to much/fast results in going to next Day

-- The bar can be moved at any time... but then again thats probably a bad place for new users.  -- moved to another location
-- also all positions of where stuff is on the main screen is now saved.  Old saves may put stuff at 0,0’
-- fixed

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