Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bug list sorted

Sorted the bug reports.  Thanks to all those that sent in bugs and suggestions and I am still taking more bug reports but please check the bug doc before submitting them.

I'm hoping to start actually clearing bugs soon... We shall see.



  1. Simple / basic question, but what browser can/should be used for Otherworld? My usual default is Chrome and I usually use Firefox as a 2nd choice, but the resolution isn't the best in Chrome for me. (I haven't tried them, but I also have IE, Sea Monkey, Opera, Maxthon and Konqueror installed). If you test using a specific version, could you please mention that as well?

    On the same note, is there a simple way to get the game screen centered and/or adjust the size easily? It seems I can adjust the size before starting, but as soon as I've started I can't zoom in or out any longer.

  2. Couldn't edit the bugs doc for some strange reason and don't know where else to put this.
    If I'm reading the code logic right (and have the current version of the code, as I don't know what version I have currently), think I found a memory leak in the main screen code. Seems the ringmaster keeps track of what screen is displayed, and the switch to the main screen calls msBuilder.buildMS(), which pushes stuff on the msItems array and never bashes the array.

  3. Woooo more bugs takes a bug zapper and puts my tounge to it Bzzzzy!!! whoa... shocking...