Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bugs and Quests

Killed some bugs and then worked on the random quest system.   Expect this to be the standard for the next few weeks as I try to get the random quests working.

The memory leak bug may be fixed anyone with svn access please play with it to confirm, I want to thank the anom who put me on the right track it was an easy fix once I knew where it was.

Bugs fixed...

9/26/12 Arandur && crusaderbond && Flagnine1

The Cards in the Homescreen Loading more than 1 Times after
you go to the ome Screen
Run in the Heavy Memory Load Issue Again. Every time the Cards
in the Home Screen are Loading the Memory Load of the Flash Plugin
increases. Had to terminate the swf on Day 11 because PC run out of

I can hardly play it. It takes up 4 gigs of memory by the time i get to day 10

by day 11, the “home” buttons are taking 9 seconds to respond

If I'm reading the code logic right (and have the current version of the code, as I don't know what version I have currently), think I found a memory leak in the main screen code. Seems the ringmaster keeps track of what screen is displayed, and the switch to the main screen calls msBuilder.buildMS(), which pushes stuff on the msItems array and never bashes the array.

-- I want to thank the anom who sent this really put me on the right track.
-- this is fixed but I don’t know if it was the only memory leak.

9/26/12 Arandur

Girl Info Screen: REQUEST! Pretty Please Change Measures B / H / W to
Centimeters instead of Inches.
95% of the People will know and Understand Centimeters. But mostly US
Americans will understand
Inches. Most People have No Idea how much Centimeters thoose Inches are.

-- metric is now an option but the girls need to be originally set in inches and the display does the math.


  1. Updated from 1094 to 1096 and somehow the girls are invisible now. It may have something to do with the metric system, since stat screen is now full of "WS".

    Memory leaks seems to be gone, I got to day 28 with memory usage rising by roughly 2-3 MB per day.

  2. Scratch that, the worksafe option is now on by default. Silly of me to not notice that.