Sunday, September 9, 2012


Lots of bugs still open but hard to replicate.  Go check the bug doc and see if you can find a pattern.  Also make sure your on the latest SVN version.   Back to try to add some content I will keep playing with bugs though as well and try to actually play the game a bit for once.



9/8/12 - Daisy

Leaving auction bid screen to outside auction ends with white screen.   I had a similar issue earlier with leaving acution to town resulted in white screen.

-- fixed

9/8/12 - Arandur

Home Screen Showing only Two Slaves with there Shifts. ( Had up to 7 )

-- the card is not saving so the girls are all piling up on top of each other
- fixed

-- also it doesnt seem like the cards are showing like solitary cards when you add a girl like they are supposed to.
-- this was debug code getting in the way they should now tile out...
-- fixed

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