Saturday, September 8, 2012

Item Bugs

Fixed some odd bugs do to items. See the detailed explanation in the bug comment. I'm really don't think I'm going to be ready for release in time but I will still release one way or the other, sometime next week.

9/6/12 - Daisy

Girl Screen Items don’t appear on first load

-- this was an insane weird bug.  Here is what was happening.  When the game is made it makes 3 sort boxes (shops, girl screen, furniture screen).  The class that is used to make items for the girl screen is called before furniture screen.  So the sorter box was locked onto (of all things the furniture screen.)   So adding items only added at best furniture.  This took forever to figure out.  I have made sure that the lock is now fixed on for shops and for girl screen.  Furniture isn’t really working at the moment to begin with.


Sept. 2 2012 rudi_stoned otherworld Sep preview bugged

* I can’t equit items


can't put any clothing on the slave  -- yep
I played with the blacksmith listeners and i think that is the cause of the issue
it was an issue with the listener cleaning fixed.

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