Sunday, September 16, 2012

Website Being Taken Down

Basically according to Tyrranus the issue with the malware is pretty much done.  But we're going to have to kill the website and then bring it back up.  So it should disappear for a few days...  The forum will probably be lost a back up is being made for download.  And everyone will need to re-register.  Ain't it fun...

just let people know it will be redone soone and that the malware IS dead

You have been told.



  1. wait this website!!! the blogger is going down?

  2. No the actual game's site. Notice that website link on the left, under the title Otherworld Links? Yeah that site.

    The malware seems to have originated on the Otherworld site(YAY FOR ASSHOLES!!) The site had over 4,000 instances of a php injection, and caused issues for our whole server and other hosted sites. Its dead now, but we have to jump through google's hoops to convince them of that fact now. We dont have a set schedule for when we will remove the existing site but "in a few days" depending on how other real life things get handled.