Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Harem Grows...

Why do I think I don'g quite play Skyrim like everyone else plays it... But its fun to have your own harem army!


Worked on assistants... sort of, added a variable to show how much you won an assistant check by.  That was about it.  I need a lazy day.



  1. I second that question :)

  2. Most I can only guess, but the second screenshot should be "Bathing Beauties". The latex outfits are probably from "Fetish Armour Collection". I can't tell if it's CBBE or UNP body. Both look very good I think.
    The girl in the center of the first screenshot is from "Temptress race" mod.
    All these mods can be found on the nexus. You probably won't find most of them via Steam, due to their content.
    Nice additions are "no more blocky faces" and something like "better females"/"coverwomen".
    Oh, and last but not least "ApachiiSkyHair" (there are some other nice hair mods, too).

  3. I haven't actually played Skyrim yet but from what I've seen most people have one follower, is it possible the have that many followers at once or is that a mod?

  4. It's a mod. Vanilla only allows one follower.

  5. lazy day looks like a fun day with the pics :)

  6. oh, yeah. i forgot to mention UFO "ultimate follower overhaul" for the large number of followers. it's not the only mod, that can do that, i think.