Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More S Class Images

Added more S classes got all of the basics but the futa done.  Hey its my day off at least I'm doing something.



  1. Don't known if i should post this here or in the bug forum anyways i'll take a chance and post it here.
    i updated my svn revision around 1 hour ago.

    Firstly the config.xlm is messed up

    First i have graphical glitches where the game area changes from the screen before it here is a screens.
    [img width=100px height=100px][/img]

    the bar at home which list your assistants and rooms if moved will reset its position after one gone to town and back

    sometimes after you spoken to someone that text can show up during other times like speeking to someone else or during the shift report. (try to speak to a number of different people then go end the day or shift)

    the slaves a FREE!!! well actually only one gold but...

    the shops get new items every time you enter it

    when buying slaves money amount wont update until one leaves the street

    one cant furniture rooms

    one cant lock equipment in place on a slave at the blacksmith

  2. the above was me i tried the forum but for some reason the forum timed out on me and i cant seem to load the page again... might only be temporary