Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some Bugs and working on Sex Classes

More bug fixes and was working on generic's for sex classes learning. Just basic boring stuff as I try to polish the shit ball.



need to remove extra room junk - reminder


Flash Novice July 30 build 1053

Click on assistant’s icon from home in the middle (the room selection card) to take you to the screen with her details.  Her favorite and hated jobs are all listed as ‘ws’

the code for ws is fine

public static function ws(str:String):String {
if(GameData.worksafe == true) {
return "ws";
return str;
--- i think this might be an issue with initial build...
--- added a purge feature to the assistant screen...
needs testing in non-worksafe enviroment
--- confirmed fixed

8/3/12  rudi_stoned build 1056

* Changing the pay of an assistant immediately sets the loyalty and affection display bars to zero.

-- this was a timing issue... basically the bars were being made and updated at the same time.   Since the bars are loaded on the fly from external files they wern’t being resized correctly.  Added a 1/10 of a second delay when the sceen is built and that fixed issue.

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  1. Thanks for squashing all these myriards of bugs! Keep at it, you'll get 'em, soldier! :-D