Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tera wants a cook

Wow a quest is actually working from front to start.  And it only took me two days to get it to work.


But then again it was the first the rest will go much faster.

So some new things added to make life better there is a new evekey.  (For those of you who don't know an evekey is a sort of bucket for all the things the eve system needs to handle but doesn't fall into any other category. )  evekey = "questpopup" arg1 = "somelabel" have already updated the guides/help.  Just needed a way to call the pop up.  For some reason I don't understand the popup actually worked fine and i didn't need to do anything to it.

The bug list is now long again after playing with this new stuff that needs to be fixed have leaped out and hit me with a frying pan.  So probably those again before going back to quests.



  1. The offset for the text... I'm guessing it can't be adjusted manually, otherwise you would just move it. I'm assuming that the two sides of text are distinct objects. I wonder what's different about them that makes one shift one way and the other shift the opposite.

    Without seeing any code, I can only guess a possibility. The left text could be positioned relative to x=0 and the right text could be positioned relative to x=x_max/2. Visually, it fits. Of course, I could be way off.

  2. Actually they are just labels... that need to be moved. Its on my list for tonight as a simple fix.