Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Debugging Menace Again

Tracking down and clearning Menace bugs.


There was a bug in the Arena. The slave's account didn't had enough gold to cover the 'watch' option and was denied access, despite the slave maker's account having plenty.

-- resolved

Raphe: long list of Edits

-- resolved


The "Ponygirl" action results in a yes/no query about the onsen.

-- resolved

Sphinx wasnt showing when you fought her.


Nothing shown on sphinx bad end.


Mr. Tibbs

sphinx now matter how you lose it just rotates to another fight whether its SM or menace.


Unable to duplicate...

I cannot for the life of me get owners vengence bad end. I have had yammamato take her away but never had a bad end with her (bad ends always on). Just curious hope everything is going great with otherworld. Thanx

v1.04 in Sandbox mode with Ayane as assistant. Bad end where Menace loses the bossfight with Anistaria. The graphic with thumb, wrist and elbow cuffs appears but only in the lefthand pane, and there is no way to move forward. I am trying to reduplicate now.

If anyone else out there has had these two bugs occur please send me an email or comment. I have been unable to duplicate. With the conditions and path. Owner vegence should spawn every time you sell Menace but for the life of me I can never get the sale to pop. And I allways see Ana... she starting to haunt my dreams.

Anyways if you can duplicate please tell me how.

I couldn't resists bringing back the epic failure Mikuru.


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